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Does AI Lead to AppSec Nirvana or AppSec Hell

This on-demand webinar is part of Snyk's WebSecOps series

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AI is advancing at a stunning rate, with new tools and use cases being discovered and announced every week, from writing poems all the way through to securing networks. Recent developments in LLM-based engines like ChatGTP and Google’s Bard have turned skeptics into believers as AI’s abilities and outputs are tangible and in some cases seem magical. As with all technology, AI raises both opportunities and challenges for security professionals and development teams looking to boost productivity while managing risk.

In this talk, Jim Armstrong, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Snyk, highlights some of the potential and some of the potential pitfalls AI can bring to secure development, and provide guidance on how security teams can think about both within the context of their programs.

This on-demand webinar is part of Snyk's WebSecOps series:

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Jim Armstrong

Senior Director Product Marketing | Snyk

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