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As an Advanced Technology Partner within AWS' Partner Network, Snyk has been technically validated to work seamlessly with AWS services, earning an AWS DevOps Competency and two "Service Ready" designations for AWS Lambda and Amazon Linux 2.

Snyk is also a Private Offer-enabled seller in the AWS Marketplace, allowing customers to use their existing billing mechanisms with AWS to purchase Snyk software while also burning down their own committed spend with AWS, sometimes called their Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) budget.

Snyk is also a contributor to AWS Quick Starts, building automated reference deployments to help folks get hands-on experience using Snyk software on AWS based on AWS best practices for security and high availability.  We have 3 Quick Starts available for you to try for free on AWS today!

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We’ll exploit an application, show clear remediation actions and best practices and demonstrate how to automatically detect container image vulnerabilities in registries like Amazon ECR. 

New AWS Marketplace Offers

Just announced: Self-Hosted & SPPO Enabled

NEW: Expanded flexibility in delivery & procurement options for AWS customers by releasing a self-hosted version of its platform that can be easily installed in private AWS environments, as well as participating in the Marketplace SPPO program.

Just released!
State of Cloud Native Application Security Report

We recently surveyed 600+ dev/sec professionals to find out their top security concerns. 

Interesting finding: More than 60% of developers have increased their concerns on security exposure since switching to cloud native applications.