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Building the Paved Road to Container & Kubernetes Security

Advice from Docker Captains

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Snyk is excited to share our virtual airwaves with Docker Captains - some of the top experts in the world of containers and Kubernetes! They’ve spoken at events all over the world, written books, delivered training and workshops, and contributed to the open-source community and code.

Security and DevOps folks - join to hear their advice for building and deploying secure applications using containers and Kubernetes.

    • What are the best practices for building containers with minimal vulnerabilities?
    • When you do have vulnerabilities - because of course you will - how do you get rid of them?!
    • Is there a general best practice for selecting and “blessing” base images for dev teams to use and build upon?
    • Kubernetes has all sorts of knobs and levers for security, but none of them are switched on or enforced by default… where do you start?
    • How do security teams and developers work together to achieve all of the above so that neither of them gets an unpleasant surprise and the pace of delivery remains high?


Bret Fisher

Docker Captain and Container Trainer at Udemy

Nigel Poulton

Docker Captain and Tech Training Guru, Pluralsight

Jim Armstrong

Product Marketing Director, Snyk