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Securing Your Infrastructure Before, During and After Deployment

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Although benefits of cloud-native app development are well documented, organizations struggle to figure out how to best secure their cloud environments without negative impacts to team velocity without restricting their benefits. Developers want access to resources to complete development tasks - quickly, while security administrators are challenged with ensuring the applications and the environments they’re deployed to remain secure.

These environments are highly dynamic and complex - with applications assembled from custom code and open source components, packaged into containers, and deployed to infrastructure defined as code. This new paradigm is one where the onus for security vulnerabilities and configuration issues in cloud workloads has shifted to the developers, assisted by tools that help them spend less time fixing issues, and more time developing.

You’ll learn more about:

    • Using Snyk to fix security and configuration issues in containers and infrastructure as code
    • Configuring CircleCI to verify security and infrastructure as part of each deployment
    • Employing Pulumi to define infrastructure and create ephemeral environments for integration testing

Join Angel Rivera (CircleCI), Paul Stack (Pulumi), and Tomas Gonzalez (Snyk) to learn how CircleCI, Pulumi, and Snyk help developers find and fix security issues and validate workload definitions against secure configuration best practices.


Angel Rivera

Developer Advocate

Paul Stack

Software Engineer

Tomás González

Solutions Architect