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Mastering Application Security at a Security Company

CyberArk's Shift Left Story

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Modern application development demands rapid and secure code releases – leaving developers overwhelmed and stretched for resources. On top of that, recent ESG report on Modern Application Security Development finds that development teams lack proper security knowledge, tooling, and training. So, how did CyberArk get “shift left” right?

In this webinar, Snyk’s Simon Maple sits down with CyberArk’s Avishay Bar to discuss what it takes to run a true Dev-first application development security program. Tune in to hear how CyberArk built their “shift left” strategy from the ground up including:

    • How CyberArk builds DevOps and automation into the SDLC wherever possible
    • CyberArk’s key principles of “shift left” that don’t slow down developers
    • Criteria for choosing integrated security tools that developers love



Simon Maple VP

Developer Relations

Avishay Bar

Security Architect