Hack my Application w/ Snyk, Docker, and AWS

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Integrating Security into your DevOps Workflow
Modern applications are built using modern DevOps processes, with frequent integration and deployments happening several times a day. To enable pace and scale, however, application security must start with developers, allowing security teams to move away from an audit-and-gate function and into an empowering and governing role within the organization.

Join Snyk, Docker and AWS to get hands-on experience identifying threats, vulnerabilities, and misconfigurations that are common in cloud native applications today, and fixing those issues through clear actions and best practices for each attack scenario.
In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn how to find and fix container vulnerabilities using Docker as you build and test images locally.
  • Manage vulnerabilities in container images in Docker Hub and running Amazon EKS workloads.
  • Spot and correct Kubernetes configuration problems that could open your clusters up to additional attacks

Recommendation: Attendees have basic understanding of EKS, including creating and accessing an EKS cluster. No prior Snyk and Docker experience necessary.

Event Date & Time

May 4th, 2021

4pm - 7pm CET

Eric Smalling

Senior Developer Advocate, Snyk

Peter McKee

Head of Developer Relations, Docker

Anuj Sharma

Sr. Partner Solutions Architect, AWS

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