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How Shutterstock Implemented DevSecOps from the Ground Up

Modern security tools are easy to buy; it’s people’s mindsets and culture that are hard to change.

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Shutterstock’s AppSec team knew this when implementing a DevSecOps strategy throughout their organization. Its global digital media platform is built heavily on cloud native applications; including containers, microservices, and Kubernetes. Securing it all, at scale, has been no small task. A big focus area of this transition has been the people. How engineers and security teams work together and how they deal with security issues in their software delivery pipelines.

Watch this on-demand session to learn how Shutterstock’s Director of Product and Application Security, Christian Bobadilla, built security into the development culture of Shutterstock from the ground up. Christian will share his experience working with developers on embedding security throughout the SDLC, reducing vulnerabilities in their cloud native applications, and ultimately embracing a new security culture.


    Christian Bobadilla

    Dir, Product and Application Security

    Simon Maple

    VP, Developer Relations & Community