The 2021 IaC Report: Infrastructure as Code Security Insights

Snyk investigated how organizations are adopting IaC technologies and common roadblocks to its widespread use – and what organizations can do to overcome them.
High level findings suggest that many organizations have not determined the “right” way to use IaC, but that consensus seems to be that developers should ideally own the responsibility for writing and maintaining it. Download the report for the full findings. Here are a few key highlights:

  • By 2025, 70% of attack against container will be from known vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that could have been remediated
  • 45% of respondents find out about security issue in configurations and IaC after deployment
  • Teams with fully automated security checks are 2x better at finding and fixing issues in under a day.
  • The top two needs identified to improve IaC security is more training for their users and better tools to automate security testing.

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