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The ROI of Open Source Security

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We all understand the necessity of application security, but sometimes struggle attaching their cost to financial benefit. To date, the quantitative outcomes from newer technologies such as open source security are less clear.

To provide that clarity, Forrester developed an ROI model to identify the total economic impact of integrating security into the existing software development process and workflows with a solution.

For example, Forrester identified that the Snyk solution saved the customer 4000 hours of developer time in the first year by finding and fixing vulnerabilities -- time that the development team could then reallocate to building and deploying applications.

Join Snyk and guest speakers, Forrester Principal Analyst Sandy Carielli and TEI Consultant Corey McNair to learn more about:

    • What is driving today’s open source security market adoption
    • Forrester’s analysis of the total economic impact of implementing open source security across modern enterprise organizations
    • The value of implementing DevSecOps and reducing risk by integrating security into the software development process.


Sandy Carielli

Principal Analyst serving security & risk professionals

Corey McNair

Consultant for the Total Economic Impact™ practice at Forrester

Aner Mazur

Snyk Chief Product Officer

Simon Maple, Moderator

Snyk VP of Developer Relations