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Integrate Security Early and Often for Successful DevSecOps

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We hear many say push security left early in development. But developers are also pushing right, especially as they deploy applications using cloud and container technologies. On top of this, connecting and controlling remote product development teams often puts extra pressure on security and risk management tasked with ensuring end-to-end application security.

We invite you to join Alyssa Miller, a Snyk Application Security advocate, and Garrett Gross, a Rapid7 technical advisor and application security expert, to learn how security experts are evolving application security by instilling shared responsibility across development and operations teams and developer-friendly tools. When security is integrated early into the nimble, iterative nature of DevOps, developers begin to trust that their ops and security peers share their mission to develop fast.

Alyssa and Garrett will also map out: 

    • Establishing shared responsibility across developers, operations and security teams;
    • Security guaranteed not to hold back, but actually speed up business;
    • Accelerating your development pipeline with the right developer-first tools;
    • Best-of-breed, complementary tools for successful DevSecOps.


Alyssa Miller

Application Security Advocate at Snyk

Garrett Gross

Sr. Solutions Engineer, AppSec Specialist at Rapid7