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Securing containers by breaking in

DoiT International

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DoiT International and Snyk joined forces to host this webinar, featuring Liran Tal , Lead Developer Advocate at Snyk.

Security issues and cybercrime are rising to an alarming rate. In this webinar, we became the hacker and exploited vulnerabilities in packages that exist in the wild that might be part of your containers today. We showed you how to protect yourself to these threats by building up a pipeline and development workflow with security testing in mind.

    After watching this session, intended for developers, security managers, admins and DevOps audience attendees alike, you will get a good understanding of the challenges of container and Kubernetes security and related platforms, how the shift-left approach helps to minimise attack surface and how to incorporate best practices, configuration parameters, etc. into your pipeline and to be able to secure the Kubernetes clusters and workloads.


    Liran Tal, Lead Developer Advocate, Snyk

    Liran Tal is a Developer Advocate at Snyk and a member of the Node.js Security working group. He is a JSHeroes ambassador, passionate about building communities and the open source movement and greatly enjoys pizza, wine, web technologies, and CLIs. Liran is also the author of Essential Node.js Security, a core contributor to OWASP NodeGoat project and loves to dabble about code, testing, and software philosophy.

    Spencer Paul, Director of Sales, North America at DoiT International

    Spenser Paul is the VP of Sales for DoiT International, and has spent the last 18 months building out the DoiT team for North America. Prior to joining DoiT, he worked on the Google Cloud team headquartered in Silicon Valley, and later in Los Angeles. Spenser is very fortunate to have a companion at his side at all times: his yellow labrador, Milton. Milton is a service dog trained to help manage Spenser's blood sugar levels, and also doubles as a DoiT sales-puppy on the side.