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DevSecOps Paving the Way for End-to-end Security

Snyk Webinar

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Join Alyssa Miller of Snyk, a hacker, security evangelist, cybersecurity professional and public speaker with almost 15 years in the security industry, and Will Robinson, a sales engineer and DevOps specialist at Trend Micro. They outline how to achieve end-to-end application security throughout the DevOps cycle by protecting applications in runtime and fixing vulnerabilities at the source.

You will learn:

    • How to build security into the DevOps lifecycle;
    • How to enable faster development;
    • How to integrate complete visibility, vulnerability protection and remediation into the process.
Watch the webinar from Trend Micro and Snyk to learn how to establish a DevSecOps culture and bake security into the entire DevOps pipeline.


Will Robinson

Sales Engineer, DevOps, Trend Micro

Alyssa Miller

Application Security Advocate, Snyk