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Using Snyk to Secure Your Kubernetes Configurations

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Learning Kubernetes is a challenge by itself - making sure you’ve added all the relevant security controls in your YAML adds another layer of complexity. Snyk’s NEW Kubernetes configuration analyzer provides guidance and fixes in context, so it’s easy to understand the relevant controls and implement them in your Kubernetes code.




Join this session with Gareth Rushgrove, Cloud Native Product Director at Snyk, to learn about this new FREE capability and see a demo of how Snyk is addressing configuration security.

What we will cover:

What is “configuration security” and why does it matter?

  • Kubernetes and Helm, Terraform, CloudFormation, Ansible...increasingly infrastructure and applications are deployed using code

  • Misconfiguration is the most prevalent cloud resource vulnerability

The explosion of Kubernetes configuration

  • 2M+ Kubernetes YAML & JSON files are publicly available on Github alone

  • Do the examples we all learn from include even the most basic Kubernetes security controls?

How Snyk can help - DEMO!

  • Eliminate configuration vulnerabilities at the source

  • Provide developer-friendly advice, in context

  • Customizable rules to fit your application security criteria