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Using Snyk to successfully roll out developer-first License Compliance

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Almost all applications today rely on open source components. The vast majority of these include legal conditions in the shape of a license, and not complying with these licenses can lead to fines, lawsuits and reputation damage.

Still, many organizations are finding it challenging to balance compliance with the need to develop at a growing pace. Existing solutions are in effect incompatible with modern development and end up not being fully adopted by developers.

Since developers are the ones ultimately deciding what open source to use to build software, achieving license compliance requires developers to be able to truly embrace it in a frictionless manner.

We will discuss:

    • The challenge of open source license compliance
    • The importance of a developer-first approach
    • Snyk’s license compliance management
    • Product demo



Ariel Ornstein

Product Lead at Snyk

Josefa Riveros

Product Manager at Snyk

Daniel Berman

Product Marketing Director at Snyk