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Selecting Your Open Source Security Platform

Why Asurion Chose Snyk

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Application security initiatives remain a top priority for many security and devops pros. Whether you’re considering a new tool to add to your stack, or researching ways to improve your current appsec strategies, you will find value in the insights shared by Mark Geeslin, Senior Director of Product Security at Asurion.

Insightful for both Security & DevOps professionals. 

Watch this webinar to hear Mark discuss: 

    • Asurion's product security program - the tools, people and processes that have been put in place to strengthen it.
    • Asurion's unique concept of "Security Mavens" - what they do, and why they do it.
    • How Asurion is using Snyk today to tackle open source vulnerabilities in the development pipeline.


Mark Geeslin

Mark Geeslin is the Senior Principal Security Engineer and Senior Director of Product Security at Asurion. With over 25 years of experience ranging from high-tech security start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, Mark has directed application and product security programs for leading tech firms in Silicon Valley. Most recently, Mark has been transforming cultures of large corporations into those that enthusiastically embrace and profit from the philosophy, principles and practices of DevSecOps with his friends at SAASSY. Mark is also an instructor and course contributor for SANS Institute.

Simon Maple

Simon is the Director of Developer Relations at Snyk, a Java Champion since 2014, JavaOne Rockstar speaker in 2014, Duke's Choice award winner, Virtual JUG founder and organizer, and London Java Community co-leader. He is an experienced speaker, with a passion for user groups and communities.