Snyk Security Live Hack Series with AWS

In this live hack series, experts from Snyk and other industry-leading technology companies will exploit risks in application components as an attacker would to showcase some of the most common app vulnerabilities and how they expose your AWS workloads to malicious actors.

Watch Live Hack Recordings

Snyk partnered with industry-leading technology companies include StackHawk, Atlassian, and Hashicorp to demonstrate common vulnerabilities found and show simple mitigation and remediation approaches you can take. Watch the on-demand recordings from any of the following sessions:

    • Exploiting Your Weakest Lines of Code with StackHawk
    • Exploiting Risks in Your Open Source Dependencies with Atlassian
    • Exploiting Vulnerabilities in Your Container Workloads with AWS
    • Hacking Your Mis-Configured Kubernetes with HashiCorp

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