AWS Security Misconfigurations and How to Fix Them

In 2022, AWS (Amazon Web Services) remains one of the dominant cloud platforms and continues to be recognized as a leader in Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services. AWS accounts for 34% of the cloud infrastructure service providers, so many organizations today have either all, most, or at least some of their infrastructure on AWS.

While migrating to a cloud provider, including AWS, offers substantial benefits to its customers — including potential cost savings, scalability, competitive advantage, enhanced security, and opportunities for collaboration amongst others — setup must be done correctly to prevent potential security breaches.

Download the full cheat sheet to discover remediations including:

  • Enable AWS CloudTrail in All AWS Regions & AWS CloudWatch for all resources & applications in AWS
  • Limit access of Security Groups of AWS RDS instances to only known IPs
  • Encrypt all data at rest and in transit using your organization managed encryption keys

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