Build securely across your AWS application stack

Leverage seamless integrations with AWS services like AWS CodePipeline, Amazon ECR, and Amazon EKS to apply scalable security solutions across your development workflow.

Security from Code to Cloud and Back

By connecting application and cloud security through developer-driven workflows, Snyk gives developers a security feedback loop from code to cloud, and back to code. Direct, actionable fixes in your developers’ tools of choice empower app teams to remain productive while quickly fixing vulnerabilities. Snyk secures your entire software supply chain across all the code, dependencies, containers, and IaC your developers create, through the running AWS cloud.

    Integrated across your AWS environment

    Snyk automates security controls across the AWS services you use to build and run your apps. No matter what combination of AWS and 3rd party tools your developers use, Snyk integrates into IDEs, source code management, CI/CD, and the running AWS environment to find and fix vulnerabilities throughout the SDLC.

    AWS’ Preferred AppSec Solution

    Snyk has achieved both DevOps and Security Competencies, as well as Service Ready designations for AWS Lambda and Amazon Linux. Snyk is the only first party security integration built natively into AWS CodePipeline, and Snyk Intel Vulnerability Database is a key source of software package vulnerability data powering Amazon Inspector. Snyk is also available to purchase in the AWS Marketplace, allowing customers to use existing billing mechanisms with AWS to consolidate invoicing and accelerate time-to-value!

      Snyk in 30: AppSec on AWS

      US SBA & Snyk

      The US SBA uses Snyk to scan over 200 repositories of their apps on AWS Lambda, bringing their average-time-to-fix vulnerabilities from several hundred days, down to 52, and reducing their risk posture by 78%

      Salesforce & Snyk

      Salesforce automated their open source vulnerability review process by integrating Snyk into their task tracking platform, scanning 100% of their container apps and eliminating over 200 hours of manual work per year

      Atlassian & Snyk

      Atlassian integrated Snyk across their development workflow to automate the scanning process for over 3,500 developers, scanning 100% of their container apps and reducing their risk posture by 65%

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