Capture the Flag 101 Workshop

April 28 • 11am-12pm ET

Join this hands-on, virtual workshop to learn how to solve Capture the Flag (CTF) challenges, including pwn and web. 

After the workshop, you'll have solved your first CTF challenge and built new security skills. 

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Join the workshop to:

    • Learn how you can build transferrable security skills by participating in CTFs 
    • See a live, step-by-step demo of how to solve a CTF challenge
    • Solve your first CTF challenge with live support from our experts
After completing the workshop, will have solved your first CTF challenge. 

About CTFs
Capture the Flags (CTFs) are hands-on competitions where you solve security challenges and build security skills. 

Time and Date

April 28 at 11:00am ET


Kyle Suero

Senior Security Advocate

Micah Silverman

Director, Developer Education