A Day in the Life of DevSecOps Teams

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A day in the life of a DevSecOps team can be full of surprises and challenges alike. Development teams need to ship new features fast, while security teams need governance and compliance controls to ensure apps are secure before deployment. Both teams would surely benefit from a streamlined process to allow security at scale without impacting development velocity.

Let us show you the way! In this session, experts from Snyk walk you through real-life AppSec scenarios and showcase via a demo how our customers have leveraged Snyk’s dev-first AppSec platform to streamline their workflows.

You will learn:

  • How developers can secure custom code, open source libraries, container images, and IaC deployments
  • How security teams can manage visibility throughout the SD/LC
  • How CISOs can manage & improve the security posture of the application


    Frank Fischer

    Director, Product Marketing | Snyk

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