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Schedule a meeting to learn how Snyk can help advance your security initiatives. We will review Snyk's platform, and discuss how you can detect and fix vulnerabilities in open source dependencies, container images, infrastructure as code and proprietary code.

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Snyk Happy Hour:
Hack my Application

Join Snyk to get hands-on experience identifying threats, vulnerabilities, and misconfigurations common in cloud native applications such as AWS and Docker. Fix the issues through clear actions and best practices.

Eric Smalling - Snyk

Tuesday, May 18th
6.30pm - 7.30pm BST

Snyk Lunch Break: Hack my mis-configured Kubernetes

With the widespread adoption of Kubernetes, configurations become a developer issue first and foremost. In this live hacking presentation, we demonstrate some of the key security issues that affect your Kubernetes configuration.

Matt Jarvis - Snyk

Wednesday, May 19th
12pm BST

DOES '21 Keynote: Dev Sec Ops Back to the Roots

Using the CAMS acronym Patrick Debois will explain how DevSecOps is built upon the core tenets of DevOps, requires the same mindset and approach, and ultimately forms a consistent feedback channel for the business on overcoming yet another bottleneck: security.

Patrick Debois - Snyk

Wednesday, May 19th
12:50pm BST

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