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The pace of software development is astounding! The transition to agile, DevOps, cloud, and the growing use of AI is empowering distributed development teams to build software with greater speed and autonomy.

In contrast to the remarkable strides in development methodologies, AppSec teams are still playing catchup, both outnumbered and out-resourced. The modern AppSec team faces the need for a sophisticated, air-traffic control-like system to efficiently manage and scale their AppSec programs. Rather than being bogged down by the constant pursuit of vulnerabilities (and developers!), they seek a holistic approach to focus on managing business-critical risks.

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This on-demand Snyk AppRisk Essentials demo covers:

  • What is Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) and what brought Snyk to this moment.

  • How to manage and scale your Snyk-based AppSec program with Snyk AppRisk Essentials.

  • How Snyk AppRisk Essentials provides visibility into your application environment in order to discover software assets that need protecting w/ Snyk.

  • How Snyk AppRisk Essentials can identify coverage gaps and make sure your application is being covered by Snyk.

  • What impact prioritizing the fix based on business risk will have on your engineering organization.

Featured Speaker:

Daniel Berman

Director of Product Marketing | Snyk

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