Snyk in 30: AppSec on AWS

Snyk empowers developers to own the security of their applications and containers with a scalable, developer-first approach to finding and fixing vulnerabilities. Snyk integrates seamlessly into existing workflows and provides automated remediation via its curated, best-in-class vulnerability database.

See first-hand how Snyk and AWS partner to help teams deliver secure cloud, container, and serverless applications deployed on AWS.

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Snyk partners closely with AWS to build tight integrations across the SDLC, helping AWS users secure their applications from their IDE all the way to production without impacting dev teams’ speed and efficiency.

Watch this live democast and watch a Snyk security expert:

    • Scan open source libraries in source code and container workloads to remediate vulnerabilities as they're discovered
    • Scan container images directly from Amazon ECR and remediate container vulnerabilities or map new vulnerabilities to images deployed in Amazon EKS
    • Detect misconfiguration issues in your CloudFormation templates or your Kubernetes environment


David Schott

Lead Partner Solutions Architect | Snyk

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Automatically find and fix vulnerabilities throughout your SDLC workflow