Snyk Top 10: Open Source Vulnerabilities in 2022

You're likely already familiar with the OWASP Top 10 released in 2021, but perhaps you are interested in seeing how you can further your understanding of current open source vulnerabilities that might be impacting your projects right now in 2022.

Check out the Snyk Top 10 Open Source Vulnerabilities report, with data based on real user scans of modern applications. Here, we'll be sharing not only specific vulnerability types (not grouping them as OWASP does), but diving deeper into specific CVEs. From Java DoS vulnerabilities, to NPM prototype pollution risks, learn about the top critical and high risk vulnerabilities that might be impacting open source packages you are using today.  

Looking for more insights? The report also includes access to educational & actionable resources including:

  • Detailed overviews over common vulnerability types
  • Access to CVE listings & fix advice in the Snyk Vulnerability Database
  • Links to hands on lessons about remote code executions (RCEs) 
  • Guidance on prototype pollution & ReDoS with links to interactive tutorials

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