Supply Chain Security PulseMeter Report

Software supply chain attacks are top of mind, and with good reason. Not only are they extremely high profile, but they can cause lasting damage. Dealing with the SolarWinds attack and the Log4Shell vulnerability still brings up difficult memories long after the initial incidents.

To detect & defend against these attacks, organizations can scan first-party code, third-party components, containers, and other pipeline tools that manage the code-to-cloud process. Another tactic, recently mandated by the U.S. federal government, is the software bill of materials, SBOM.

In late 2022, Snyk partnered with Techstrong Research to poll their community of DevOps, cloud-native, cybersecurity, and digital transformation readers and viewers to take their pulse on SBOMs.

Download this free report to get insights including:

    - The main drivers for using SBOMs
    - How to secure the open source software used in applications
    - Key benefits of using SBOMs

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