Selecting Your AppSec Platform: Why Customers Choose Snyk

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Application security initiatives remain a top priority for many security and DevOps professionals. Teams responsible for driving these initiatives are looking to shift security left as it empowers developers to build securely from the start and gives security teams comprehensive controls and visibility.

Whether you’re considering an application security platform for your organization or researching ways to improve your current appsec strategies, you will find value in the insights shared by James Berthoty, Senior Cloud Security Engineer at Reliaquest & Simon Maple, Field CTO at Snyk in this webinar.

View this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • Why you should consider a developer-first approach to application security
  • Top considerations for evaluating unique solutions
  • How Snyk improves security and developer team productivity through user experience, result accuracy and 3.2x faster scan times


    James Berthoty

    Senior Cloud Security Eng. | Reliaquest

    Simon Maple

    Field CTO | Snyk