Office Hours: Snyk Workflows - Ignores & PR Checks

Tuesday, February 14 | 11 AM ET, 4 PM GMT

Snyk integrates with your IDEs, repos, workflows, and automation pipelines to add security expertise to your toolkit. The “menu” of options available to you is extensive, so we created this three-part series to get you started and running.

Save your spot for Snyk Workflows: Ignores & PR checks.
Do you want your dev teams and AppSec teams to be aligned? The second session of the series digs deeper into using ignore capabilities. You’ll also learn about PR checks. This is a great way to get ahead of permissions. 

Learning objectives:
  • How to decide when to ignore issues
  • How to ignore issues in the UI or the CLI
  • How to identify and handle default Snyk checks on PRs

Attend if:
  • You are a developer interested in getting the most out of your workflows
  • You are a Snyk admin and want to learn all your options before rolling out Snyk

Check out part one and part three of the series!

Snyk Workflows: Basic Workflows (IDE & CLI)
-- Recording available in January --

Snyk Workflows: Builds & Branching | March 7
What about when you need to compare different versions of code? The third session covers the more advanced topic of builds and branching and more. Save your spot.

These sessions are best suited for Americas and Europe time zones.

Each session will be recorded. If you can’t make the live session, fill out the form to register – all registrants will receive the recording in their inbox.

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